Broken Arm

by Broken Arm

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    Chris Vita’s Broken Arm offers a very tasty release with his new self-titled record. Kind of an alt-country thing with a lot of alt, the eight-song LP delivers melodic, guitar driven songs like the superb “I’ll Stay.” The tune has that kind of ‘single’ feel with ripping harmonies and cool hooks all inside of stellar songwriting.

    Vita does get his spittoon out on “One More Day,” though, one of those introspective country ballads with a very cool sound due to some creative recording nuances that Vita employs throughout the record. The dynamic changes are a joy to the ears, making a roller coaster ride out of some numbers. I also found songs such as “Be Here Soon” and “Waking Up” to be delightful in that Big Star way.

    While I liked the full band songs on the record a bit more than the solo acoustic stuff, I still believe this is an excellent release from an artist whose resume just keeps getting better and better (and, disappointingly, just moved to Portland).

    "What's Up! magazine" Bellingham, WA
    October 2010
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One of the very first things I knew in this world was a broken arm. In the last few moments of my delivery, things became urgent and in his haste the doctor broke my right arm. Naming this project after that first trial is a reflection of the enormously personal content of these songs. I wrote the first of them in May 2009 and over the year since I've found myself in many different places. There have been so many moments and dear people that I never want to forget as they have shaped who I am. Though intensely personal, I hope these songs are relatable. I know we all feel so many of the same things and sometimes that's just good to know. Thank you for taking a listen to what's been one hell of a process. Hope you enjoy and please feel fee to share this music!

- - -

With all my love to my friends and family.
Emily, Lizzie, Mom, Dad, Meghan, and UG - thank you


released August 11, 2010

This album was created as a solo project by the northwest musician and recording engineer, Chris Vita.

All music and words written and performed by Vita except the Fender bass on tracks 2, 3, 6, 7 by Ryan Farrow

Recorded and mixed by Chris Vita in beautiful Bellingham, WA

- - -

Broken Arm is now a collaborative band featuring members:
Shawn Fleming on drums, Joel Christiansen on bass, and Bryan Daste on pedal steel.



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Broken Arm Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: My Morning Love
You are such a morning love, grinning at the sun.
I can hardly lift my eyes, you wake me just for fun.
My quiet stare. You match your clothes. Dressing is your art.
Even bad my day is good cause I always get this start with you.

You are such a morning love, my love.

You are such an evening thing, singing like my queen.
Even when the day is long you make time for a song.
Pulling at those banjo strings, I'm bound to see you smile.
I swear you make this life so good it's like a never understood how to live.

You are such a morning love, my love.
Track Name: I'll Stay
I could say that I've been there,
paying my dues all along.
Put in the time to show I care,
I never skipped a step.

When I tell you now this means so much to me,
you should know I choose my words,
though it seems you never heard.
I will stay for just so long.

I took you for a drive down the Oregon coast.
The only time you loved me back.
You told me you felt so safe and close.
You had finally settled in.

When I tell you now this means so much to me,
you look away when I speak,
of things I hope to keep.
One day I'll shut down like you.

You would keep your reservations,
despite all the time I give to you.
I am distant with contemplation,
to decide if it's only worth this much.

When I tell you now this means so much to me,
I can only hope you know,
it can only help you know,
I will wait but not for long.

I could close my eyes and see a happy end,
with every girl I've known.
But with you it's hard to pretend,
too hard to pretend I will stay.
Track Name: One More Day
I've had enough today.
Feel so bad I'll run away.
Spread too thin to taste my life.
I know it well this life inside.

When I think I have seen it all,
I just live one more day.

Tuesday night, I'm drunk again.
Another stone for me and for him.
There's four square walls in my house and the bar,
the only thing that changes is my glass.

Same old talk I have with you.
Say a lot of things but nothing's new.
One of these days you're sure to leave.
I wish you would just to make me see.
Track Name: Should Be Easy
You look so sweet I can say it honestly,
into your eyes I tell a version of the truth.
Well I bend my heart in two till I feel just like you do,
and as I speak I bury deep that we're all wrong.

Should be easy to stay in love with you.
Couldn't ask for more with all the things you do.
Would be easy to start our life so soon,
but I cannot help from feeling we would ruin.

One winter's walk as we shared a lover's talk,
I knew right then that we would surely end by June.
But I fought that lonely thought and held you all the closer,
and now I wonder why I even tried.

How I wish I could exclaim that I'll love you every day,
but I'm realizing I don't have a say.
And you've taken note so long,
but I convinced you you were wrong,
and now I'm sad to say that you were always right.
Track Name: the Cold
Winter's coming, see it in your eyes,
and I can't help from showing you my lack of surprise.
A stare so cold it froze my smile, clear to me you care.
All my time is mine to spend but I must never spend it there.
And later in the evening, our blanket made of snow,
we lay so close together, our chill we dared not show.

Oh I can't bear the cold anymore.

And so I lit a single candle and tried to warm my hand,
holding it so close to me, as close as I could stand.
I tried to tell us both we could see this winter through,
but just like me you could only see that we had better end it soon.
Cause I had never said goodbye to the girl who'd made me warm,
no longer could I fool you, saying we were torn.

Oh I can't bear the cold anymore.
Track Name: Waking Up
I'm waking up for the first time in a year.
I'm making up for all the time that I've been fast asleep.

Oh honey I can see, it was all because of me.
What seemed okay was wrong but now I'm stronger.

I will raise my blinds and for the first time I will see through your eyes.

The fireplace creaks, it slowly starts to heat,
as we speak our minds and realize, this conflict comes at no surprise.
The room finally warms, hot thoughts fully form,
I listen close but my mind's off to bed.

You can rest with ease, cause now I'm listening harder when we disagree.

In the old house we would laugh, we were so new it's all we had.
And now we've grown so close together, can't disguise one worried sigh.
And they'll be more than meets my eye if I lean in closer to notice all I've missed.
Track Name: Down the Road
We've been waiting all the time we've shared,
all the time we've had so far.
Dreaming of a live we've yet to live,
it's to to finally take our turn.

And so, we move on down the road.
Leaving the life we've only known.
You confess, you hope our love will endure this.
I can only hope we'll do our best.

I will go and find a steady job,
the best that I can get for now.
We'll make a home where we can rest our heads,
in a double cozy bed in this new place.

And though, we left some friends behind.
We'll keep their warming love safe inside.
And I must say, we're better off we went this way,
cause now we'll always look back with a smile.
Track Name: Be Here Soon
I am waiting for the love of my life,
she will be here soon.

The dinner's done and the wine I have won,
but she will be here soon.

A setting sun burst, enjoyed by one cursed,
to wait long for my love.

I will sit right here casue she will be here soon.
She will be here soon.

My darling,
will be here soon.

My love has got brown hair with curls and she's fair,
and she will be here soon.

She's got a voice that takes my heart right back to the start,
and she will be here soon.

Just you wait and see, she's beautiful and lovely,
and she will be here soon.